Even Monsters

Sourcebooks, 2014

Did you know even monsters get scared? They can be sad, they can be kind, they can miss their mommies. But sometimes, even monsters can be total MONSTERS! Have a look: HERE

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Tyra & Tops

Sourcebooks, 2019

A tutu-toting T-Rex and a trumpet-tooting triceratops team up to show there's more than one way to rock and roar in the Jurassic era.

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A silly-arious cat & dog picture book

Gipp wants to play fetch, but he'd settle for just a little bit of attention. All Huffner wants is a catnip mouse. Maybe Gipp can find him one... or something like it... Simple rhymes give way to over-the-top assonants!

MS & dummy packet available upon request.



A lyrical sing-along picture book journey

Commuters come and commuters go, but Lenny remains on the subway, singing his song — But it’s a catchy one, and as Lenny’s orchestra grows, his simple song builds into unforgettable chorus that can’t be ignored.

MS & dummy packet available upon request.



An engaging chapt book series experience

Nothing ever happens in Thunder-View Valley. But a lot can happen when there's nothing to do. Subversive and action-packed with goofy, lovable characters and gross-out tween boy humor.

MS & art samples available upon request.